Brave Little Girl Sets Up Lemonade Stand To Help With Mom’s Chemotherapy

Sometimes life is so unpredictable and full of surprises, which can be either good or bad for us.

Little Sophia Chavez is a 6 year old girl, who likes to play with other kids her age and in the summer months likes to set up a lemonade stand- but not for her own fun- instead for a charitable cause.

Her mother has just been diagnosed with dreaded stomach cancer, and she would need at least 6 months of chemotherapy and the costs are staggering.

The family’s GoFundMe page has been set up and has received $3000 till now.

Sophia doesn’t know what cancer exactly is, and how chemotherapy is going to affect her mother’s strength and ability. But she just wants to help out and earn some money so she can contribute to the treatment.

So Sophia with some help from family members was able to put together a lemonade stand, make some real lemonade from scratch, put up a folding table, got a cute signboard, and set up her small business.

From their yard in El Paso, Sophia sold an array of drinks and lollipops, praying and hoping every cup would be sold so that she could help her mother.

She said that she felt happy by making her mom happy, and that she was making the lemonade to help her mom.

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