Adorable Little Girl Talks About God To Family Cat

A family grieving the loss of their cat found solace and relief in God.

Bailey was a cat owner’s dream, her cool demeanour, her taking baths in the tub, snuggling up with toddlers and her comfort in the presence of humans made her standout among other cats.

It was a sad day in the lives of it’s owners, when Bailey passed away in October 2018 from kidney failure. Erin Merryn, her owner, described the day as “one of the worst days of my life.”

Merryn’s daughters, Abby, 4, and Hannah, 2 have many fond memories of playing and snuggling up with Bailey.

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Posted by Bailey No Ordinary Cat on Friday, March 1, 2019

The sweet video shows Bailey sitting next to Abby, who was 2 at the time, as she read him a book and talked with him about God. “You know God made Bailey? Did you know that?” Abby askes her and then wraps her in a warm hug.

Her fans sent cards, letters and photos to Merryn and her girls, mourning Bailey’s loss. “A part of the awful part of that day was not only losing my precious sweet boy but having to tell my 4-year-old Abby that we had to say goodbye to Bailey because he was really sick and they can’t make him better,” Merryn said. “The look in her face I will never forget.”

Now after a few months have passed, the family is still processing their loss, and are reflecting on the incredible joy Bailey brought into their lives.

Merryn says, “It was an inseparable bond of laying on him, pushing him in strollers, giving him baths, taking baths with him, sitting in high chair feeding him with bibs on, laying in their laps with his full attention as they read to him or sang to him, sitting at a desk and playing school with them, lemonade stands, picnics on the front porch, and Halloween costumes. They would dress him up is dresses, princess shoes, play makeup on and he didn’t care. He just loved these girls and let them do whatever they wanted to him. It was incredible.”

Nothing can replace the loss of a pet, only their memories live on in our hearts.

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