Inmates Break Out into Worship in Powerful ‘God Behind Bars’ Video

As an axiom states, “Every cloud has a silver lining,” similarly, in the gloomiest corners of the prison, incarcerated individuals are experiencing an awakening. They are seeking solace, redemption, and hope through spiritual rejuvenation, thanks to a Christian ministry, God Behind Bars. This organization is working relentlessly to introduce inmates to the love, forgiveness, and transformative power of Jesus Christ.

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Breathing Life into Hearts: A Ministry Behind Bars

God Behind Bars is a dynamic Christian ministry that partners with churches across the U.S. to bring the Gospel to incarcerated individuals. Their mission goes beyond simply preaching; it is to touch and change lives through the love of Jesus Christ.

Inside a maximum security prison, a recent video released by God Behind Bars showcased a heartening scene of inmates engaging in passionate praise and worship. The speaker in the video told the group of 150 inmates gathered inside a prison chapel, “Some of you guys in this room — this is one of the only moments that you just have your time with the Lord. It might always be chaos or noise … so I just want to take a moment and allow you guys … to just spend some time with Jesus, reflect, begin to think of things that you’re grateful for.” As inmates expressed gratitude, worship music reverberated in the room, filling the atmosphere with hope and serenity.

Revival Behind Bars: Baptisms and Worship

The spiritual revival taking place in prisons across America has led to numerous baptisms, giving inmates the opportunity to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. God Behind Bars has reported that within the last week, they were able to facilitate the baptism of 130 prisoners, including 90 women at a federal prison. The organization shared on social media that these moments were “holy” and remarked, “God is changing the lives of these women. Addictions are breaking, forgiveness is reigning, and Jesus is winning.”

WATCH: Inmates Worshipping God in Powerful Video

Transforming Lives Through Faith: God Behind Bars

Through their strategic work, God Behind Bars is reaching out to the over 2.3 million people in the U.S. prison system. According to their website, the ministry is determined to ensure “every inmate in the U.S. has direct and personal access to the gospel and spiritual resources to not only help them grow their faith, but heal trauma and wounds, break addictions and cycles, and allow them to step into their calling as sons and daughters of the Most High.”

Prominent worship leaders and speakers, including Brandon Lake, Naomi Raine, Sadie Robertson, and Russell Wilson, have prayed and sung with the inmates, sowing seeds of faith. When loneliness and isolation burden an inmate, they find solace in singing worship songs. This is a testament to the power of faith, how it transcends the darkest corners, and fosters unity and joy.

A Hopeful Tomorrow

While the mission is far from accomplished, God Behind Bars continues to facilitate an incredible revival within the prison walls. As one prisoner shared, “But because of my relationship in Jesus Christ and because of who I’ve become while being in prison, I’ve learned [to be] a joyful person. Having a life sentence plus 30 (years), and people not understanding where this joy is coming from or not understanding how you can maintain a smile while going through adverse moments…and I know that it only came from God.”

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.Romans 8:28

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