Golden Retrievers Going Down Escalator with Dads in Adorable Video

Have you ever seen an escalator full of golden retrievers? Well, it happened at the Passo Fundo shopping mall in Brazil.

golden retrievers on escalator

A video from the mall shows all these golden retrievers riding down the escalator with their owners. It’s a cute sight, with some dogs looking more at ease than others. This video is something people love to watch again and again.

About Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers were first bred in Scotland in the 1800s. They can weigh between 55-75 lbs and usually live for 12-13 years. They’re one of the most popular dog breeds in the Western world. They’re similar to Labrador retrievers but have longer coats and are usually more relaxed.

People who saw the video instantly fell in love with it. One person wrote, “No matter how big they are still they are babies.” Another person wrote “Cuteness Overload And They’re All Absolutely Adorable Together.”

WATCH: Owners Take Golden Retrievers on Escalator

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