Good Samaritan Couple Find And Return Lost Bag With $25,000 Inside

We all know the story of the good Samaritan from the Bible, but recently the article about a good Samaritan couple who found and returned a bag containing $25,000 has won our hearts.

Jeff and Michelle Green from Ricon Ga., recovered the bag, which belonged to Gautambhai Patel, and returned it back to him said the Rincon Police Department said.

The social media post by the department said, “We always encourage citizens to do the right thing both morally and legally, because if you find property that is not yours and do not attempt to find the owner, it is called theft of lost or mislaid property.”

It is important as believers that we not only read what the Bible says about coveting our neighbours goods, and returning what does not belong to us, but also practice it, the way Jeff and Michelle Green have done. Kudos to them.

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