Generous Mom Donates More Than 15000 Ounces Of Breast Milk

Babies need breast milk to sustain on during the initial years of their lives, but sometimes, they fail to get it due to unfortunate circumstances.

But one mom has decided to donate her extra breast milk to help feed those babies who don’t have an way to have it.

Tabitha Frost is a mother of three kids, and she pumps thrice the amount of breast milk than an average mother does.

She says her 8-month-old daughter drinks 25 ounces of breast milk a day, but then what she pumps out and is not consumed, she gives it premature babies and those babies who are allergic to formula.

Tabitha estimates that she has donated around 15,000 ounces in her lifetime.

We salute Tabitha for her generosity and God will richly bless her and her family for what she is doing for other families.


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