Good Samaritan Rescues Boy, Dies While Saving Another In Milwaukee

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office announced that a good Samaritan passed away while trying to save two boys from Lake Michigan.


A desperate call was made to the Milwaukee Fire Department who sent a dive team to McKinley Beach around 6:30 p.m. Saturday. Deputies said the initial call was for two people in the water who did not resurface.

Two 14-year-old boys were in the water when they began to struggle to survive and then a 50-year-old man saw the boys and went into the water to help them. He was able to save one boy but while saving the other, both were pulled underwater.

There were strong currents in the water at the time and the man and the teen he saved were taken to the hospital. A dive team recovered the second boy’s body, he was identified Monday as Tony Bishop.

The good Samaritan has passed away due to his injuries Sunday morning, he was identified Monday as Jesse Brock.

“The water is very dangerous. It’s a lot of fun to enjoy and a good outlet. But you have to very careful,” Battalion Chief Brian Gardner said. “You ought to have a partner with you so that you’re accountable for each other. Know your limits, don’t get in too deep and just be careful.”

May the good Lord comfort the family of the young boy and the Good Samaritan- Jesse Brock who died while saving the boy.

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