Good Samaritan Turns Up At Door To Return Homeowner’s Missing Purse

A thankful California family is looking for the Samaritan who turned around their Halloween celebration after it went awry.

Like many families in America, Katrina Brown loves to celebrate Halloween with her husband and children.

They have a family tradition of meeting up with friends at a local park in Petaluma, California, and then they head out to trick-or-treat in the neighbourhood.

But in the chaos of the moment, herding eager children wearing costumes and holding candy bags, Brown forgot something really important at the park.

“In the craziness, I just left my purse in the playground, literally in the sand,” Brown said. She recalled mistaking her husband’s “Where’s Waldo” costume, with glasses printed on the front, for the straps of her purse.

It had been some hours since Brown realised Waldo didn’t have her purse, and so she rushed to the park in hope of finding it.

The purse had long been taken and so Brown went home to begin the lengthy process of cancelling all her bank cards and filing a police report.

Brown and her husband later that day, decided to view their security camera footage, to see if anyone had stopped by their house to trick-or-treat.

They saw a mystery man in the footage, clutching Brown’s purse in his hands, he rang the doorbell and when nobody answered, he tucked the purse safely inside the mailbox.

Brown was instantly feeling much better and rushed outside to retrieve her purse, finding everything like it was.
She was very moved by the fact that someone could be so honest and take the time to personally return her purse to her doorstep, all items intact.

She has since posted about the incident on social media hoping the kind person would come forward so that she could thank the man for his Halloween good deed.

“It was just really cool that we got it back,” Brown said. “We haven’t figured out who he is yet.”

This Halloween mystery is yet to be solved, but has left this California family ever so thankful.

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