Off-Duty Police Officer Responds To Mom’s Frantic Call And Saves 2-Year-Old Boy

Officer Barron Dixon was on his way home after a shift when he received a call for help. Without hesitation, he jumped into action and arrived at the scene.

Officer Barron Dixon

Yakema Harris said her son 2-year-old Messiah had vomited after returning from daycare. She thought he was feeling better until he suddenly laid down in the midst of playing and stopped breathing. Harris immediately called 911 and officer Dixon was the first to arrive at the scene.

He performed CPR and was able to revive the child.

“His eyes just opened. And once his eyes opened, the gravity of it all just hit,” Dixon said, describing it as “a rush of emotion.”


The young boy was taken to hospital and was doing well.

Yakema Harris calls officer Dixon her son’s guardian angel. “I think he is an angel sent here from God,” Harris said. “His presence was very needed at that time.”