61-Year-Old Rocking Grandma Wows With Electric Guitar Skills

At an age where many look forward to peaceful retirements and slower days, 61-year-old Paula Jo Taylor is proving that age is but a number, especially when it comes to pursuing passions. A recent clip on YouTube captured the grandmother of four, impressively riffing on an electric guitar, leaving viewers in awe of her undeniable skill.

grandma plays electric guitar paula jo taylor

Paula’s nimble fingers gracefully danced up and down the guitar’s fretboard – a testament to countless hours dedicated to mastering her craft. The setting, filled with an array of instruments displayed on a table behind her, suggests she might be at a music or instrument convention. It’s likely she’s trying out a guitar from one of the vendors, and by her reactions, she’s quite taken with it. Glancing up from her strumming, Paula affirms, “Very nice, very nice,” clearly pleased with the instrument’s sound.

As the video progresses, it’s evident that Paula isn’t just any guitar-playing grandma. By the end of her brief yet mesmerizing performance, she’s met with enthusiastic applause and cheers, fitting for someone of her caliber.

The video’s description reveals an even more fascinating tidbit about Paula. She is one half of the rock duo known as the Taylors, with her daughter, Amanda, being the other talented member. This rocking duo, especially with Paula’s unparalleled guitar skills, stands as an inspiration to many, reinforcing the belief that determination, discipline, and a heart full of passion can lead to incredible feats, regardless of age.

Age should never be a barrier, nor should it dictate our abilities or the pursuit of our dreams. As the saying goes, “With age comes wisdom,” and perhaps, for Paula Jo Taylor, with age comes unmatched guitar riffs.


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Kimberly Kau
Kimberly Kau

Aloha from Hawaii.

What amazing guitar skills.
You rock grandma!
I thoroughly enjoyed the video.