Angelic Grandma Saves The Life Of Base Jumper Dangling From Her Balcony

A little old lady helped save the life of a base jumper who was hanging onto her balcony for dear life.


The Michigan base jumper, Kody Kosloski, was on vacation to Acapulco, Mexico, when he went base jumping off the side of a tall apartment building facing the ocean.

“3,2,1…see ya,” Kody says as he jumps off the building. But sadly ends up crashing into the side of the building and dangling helplessly there.

A video shows him hanging on to a thin strap before a sweet little granny came to help him out. “I see you,” said the grandma as she stuck her hand out to Kody.


He must have been so relieved to see the old grandma sent by God to help him out in this most difficult hour of his life.

The grandma grabbed his hand and pulled him to safety onto her balcony. A relieved Kody shouted, “I’m ok” to the other base jumpers who were on the top of the roof with him. They can be heard cheering from above now that he is safe and sound.


Once he was safe inside the balcony, the grandma then asked him if he would like a glass of water. “That lady was a sweetheart,” Kody says during an interview. “Very helpful, kind, and nice. I’m sorry for scaring her!”

The old grandma defied age by helping save the life of this base jumper, it’s difficult to imagine what would have happened to Kobe if God did not keep her at the right place, at the right time.

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