Granger Smith Leaves Successful Music Career Behind to Pursue Ministry

Country music artist Granger Smith has revealed that his forthcoming tour will be his last, as he prepares to leave the stage and devote himself to a life of ministry. Known for hits such as “Backroad Song,” Smith shared his decision in an emotional Instagram post, expressing his gratitude to fans and discussing the spiritual calling that has led him to this pivotal moment in his life.

granger smith ministry

Smith shared that he experienced a divine calling to ministry, prompting him and his family to dedicate themselves to their local church. As a part of this journey, the singer has been studying at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, immersing himself in a time of education and self-development.

In the video, Smith discussed the difficulty of balancing his music career and his desire to serve God fully. He found that the pursuit of fame and adoration on stage was at odds with his spiritual development, ultimately leading to his decision to prioritize his faith. Smith referenced Mark 8:34, where Jesus teaches that followers must deny themselves and carry their cross, as a guiding principle in making this choice.

Although Smith acknowledges that this marks the end of a significant chapter in his life, he is eager to embrace his new beginning. He expressed his enthusiasm for the unknown and his determination to glorify God, learn, grow, and serve his church community.

As fans prepare to bid farewell to Granger Smith the performer, they will no doubt be inspired by the conviction and courage he has shown in answering the call to ministry. This summer’s tour, culminating on Labor Day, will be a testament to the artist’s devotion to his fans and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in his life.


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