Chill-Inducing Cover of ‘Halleluiah’ by Cian Ducrot and Choir

Cian Ducrot and Royal Northern College Of Music’s student choir collaborate to give us a beautiful rendition of ‘Halleluiah’.

hallelujah cover cian ducrot

‘Hallelujah’ is written by Canadian singer Leonard Cohen. The song gained popularity when another singer John Cale recorded a new version in 1991

The song ‘Hallelujah’ in actual, is not the song David played for the Lord, but is a tribute to the song David played for the Lord. The song lyrics and harmony leaves a lot to the imagination. Cohen himself said that he chose the word ‘Hallelujah’ because it means so much in so many ways.

Ducrot’s voice and the arrangement of the music add a layer of uniqueness, coupled by the choir’s amazing voices and harmony. The song sounds fresh and is one of the more cleverly done cover of this widely popular song.

One person wrote, “I’ve heard this song many times but your rendition brought me to tears.”

Another commented, “Beautifully sung and amazing film work. Absolutely love this music video!”

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