Christian Singer Hannah Elizabeth Performs ‘Split The Sea’

Hannah Elizabeth Kerr sing a heart stirring rendition of ‘Split the Sea,’ arranged by David Hamilton. She is a Christian vocal singer who found fame with “Warrior”, which was released on YouTube and was at the no. 20 on the Hot Christian Songs chart.

The song is a powerful declaration of faith, God is the same who was in the old testament, when He split the sea so that the Israelites could cross the Red sea and enter the promised land. He is that same God that we worship and He can split any difficult sea today in our lives, and help us to safely crossover to our calling and destination.

Never thought I’d be where I am now
No way through and no way out
Oh, it’s hard, but I’m still holding on
Even here, nothing’s too far gone

I believe
Every promise that You’ve spoken
I believe
You are faithful every moment
And it may look impossible
But You’re the God of miracles
You have always made a way for me
You can still split the sea
Split the sea

This is a great song by Hannah Kerr and we pray that God uses this song to bless all the viewers and listeners to this song, and stir up their faith to greater levels. Amen.


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