Grocery Store Surprises Healthcare And First Responders With Free Groceries

During these hard times due to the coronavirus crisis, the real heroes are the healthcare workers and first responders who are fighting it on the frontlines.

A heartwarming moment was shared on social media when healthcare workers were surprised with free groceries by Southeastern Grocers who own Winn-Dixie and BI-LO.


The stores decided to dedicate a shopping hour to these heroes and while they were checking out the products, the cashiers surprised them with free groceries. “Your groceries are on Winn-Dixie,” says a cashier to a nurse as she is checking out. “Thanks for everything you do.”

“Are you serious?” she replies. “I’m serious,” he says. “Oh, God bless you!” The nurse is overwhelmed and grateful for the kind act. Many people were shocked to hear that their groceries were being paid for by the store.

One of the healthcare workers shared how she was working with coronavirus patients during this time. “I’m an occupational therapy assistant, and this week I started working with the people who are COVID positive coming off of their ventilators,” she said. “They’re really weak and they need a lot of therapy. And so my kids don’t live with me right now because I don’t want them to get sick, so I’m home alone and just working to provide therapy for people who are too weak to also be at home.”

This act of kindness was inspired by filmmaker and actor Tyler Perry who recently surprised customers shopping at Winn-Dixie during the senior and high-risk shopping hour by paying for their groceries. He said to pay it forward, and then Southeastern Grocers paid it forward.

There is a valuable lesson to learn from here, that kindness and love is contagious and we all must do everything we can to spread more and more of it around us.


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