High School Choir Serenades Diners At Cafe With Moving National Anthem Performance

It’s not everyday that we hear of a live choir performance at a cafe, and this high school choir from Mena, Ark., received a standing ovation after serenading a cafe recently.

The venue was the Skyline Cafe and it was was packed on Saturday morning with diners waiting for breakfast, when suddenly the Mena High School Spotlight choir began to sing.

The diners literally forgot about food and put down their forks and rose to their feet.

A Facebook video posted on the incident gone viral being viewed over 14,000 times, shows the choir singing with diners standing and turning toward them.

“The world stops spinning just a minute!” the caption to the video said. The video was appreciated and people have left hundreds of comments of praise for the choir.

“I’m a Navy Veteran from Mena and it makes me really happy to know skyline cafe hasn’t changed. I love this video. Thanks for sharing!” one wrote on Facebook.

“How cool,” another wrote, “Beautiful,” several people agreed.

The choir serenaded them with several songs after the anthem and all were well received.

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