Homeless Man Cares For Stranger Like His Own Son In Moving Video

In this social experiment video, Tiktok influencer Lanazi is filmed walking past the street, pretending to have a broken arm and unable to feed himself. This caught, the attention of a homeless man, who seeing his predicament, promptly offered his help.


The homeless man helps the influencer, opens the box of fruits, and then makes him sit down beside him, even calls him a son and proceeded to feed him playfully, as if he was feeding his own child, and then says, “I’ve never been a father before.”

After a while, the Tiktok influencer walks away, leaving the homeless man with an envelope. The man curiously peeks into the envelope only to find it stashed with cash, taking him by a surprise. He then runs towards the Tiktok star and gives him a big hug of thanks and appreciation.

This video goes on to show that there are kind and beautiful souls all around us, and oftentimes, help comes from the most unlikely places and from the people we least expect. That said, as Christians, we are called to look out for each other and their interests. Who knows, our actions, however small or insignificant they may be, will be life-changing for someone.

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