Homeless Man Writes Letter Thanking The Nurse Who Left Food For Him

A letter penned by a homeless man is capturing hearts across the globe. The note, discovered on a park bench in Melbourne, reveals the gratitude of an English man named Phil towards an anonymous benefactor who left him food as he slept.

A snapshot of this heartfelt letter was circulated online by a passer-by in Fawkner Park, the city’s renowned green space. Phil’s note begins, “Hello, my name is Phil. I am English and now homeless in Melbourne.”

The touching letter recounts, “I slept on this bench last night at Fawkner Park. A very kind lady left some food for me when I woke up. I think she is a nurse at the Alfred, she had a blue uniform on as she walked away. I would just like to say thank you to her.”


This post soon captured people’s hearts, with many praising the unnamed nurse for her act of kindness and lauding the nursing profession for its empathetic nature. Many comments praised nurses as “the best people in the world”, with pledges of assistance for Phil.

One user expressed admiration for nurses, commenting, “They [nurses] are gifts to every life they touch. I have my own fair share of reasons to thank them.” Another proposed a collective effort to aid Phil, suggesting, “Should we all get together and find Phil, donate a couple of dollars each and get Phil a place to stay until sorted? If all of us gave a few cents it would easily cover it. We could also find the beautiful nurse who helped Phil and thank her too.”

A man, whose wife works at the same hospital as the kind nurse, mentioned: “My wife is a nurse at the Alfred. I’ve sent this through to her. I’ll get her to post it on a couple of boards.”

With this surge of goodwill, we remain hopeful that Phil receives the help he needs to regain stability in his life and is eventually reunited with the compassionate nurse who reached out to him.

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