Airman Brother Surprises Sister At College Graduation

Surprise homecomings go viral on social media because they pull at the heartstrings.

US Airforce officer, Daylon Twigg has been deployed for the past three years in Japan which has caused him to miss out on most special occasions.

It’s been a long while since he has seen his sister Makayla, he has missed holidays, birthdays and other special occasions, but Daylon wasn’t going to miss her graduation day ceremony.

Daylon is now stationed at Idaho and made plans to see Makayla get her diploma in Arkansas.

As Makayla walked across the stage to receive her diploma in Arkansas, she was grabbed by Daylon who sneaked up on her and hugged her.

It was a happy reunion for this sweet brother-sister duo. Hope they spend all their time together and make up for the lost time.

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