Student Who’s Going Through Hard Times Melts Down When His Classmate Surprises Him With Special Christmas Gift

Tis the time for spreading joy and happiness, and one student at King George High School in Virginia, was able to spread some Christmas cheer to his classmate going through difficult times with a Christmas gift of his dreams-ps3 and a few games.

Darrian Hodsden gifted Thomas, a classmate of his to show him that he is there for him no matter what.

Hodsden wrote on social media, “This guy has been through a lot! I wanted him to know that someone was there for him. He mentioned to me about a ps3 and he didn’t have a system and he wanted one. So I took some action! Merry Christmas everyone.”

This is a such a sweet and kind gesture done by one student for another, let us all spread some cheer during this holiday by reaching out to the others.

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