Unlikely Bond Between Horse And Human Helps Heals Their Past Scars

Everybody has to go through struggles in life, be it sadness, death and disease, but that is not only restricted to humans but also to animals, who sometimes suffer from abusive owners and difficult situations.

Dani and Shay have both been through plenty of struggles in life and both have dark pasts.

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Dani has had a tough childhood, and because of the past, she has developed borderline personality disorder. She experience difficulty in doing day to day activities and struggle to find hope in life and often has suicidal thoughts and wonders what the point of life is.

Shay is a horse, who has been been badly neglected by her owners, and finds it difficult to trust any human being. Dani says that she found Shay in a terrible condition, after being abandoned by her owners in a field, in a poor condition. She says she thinks Shay would not have lasted another winter if she had not rescued it.

She says that when she first saw Shay, she couldn’t even see her entire body, but as soon as she put her head up, and Dani saw her, she was sure she was going to keep her.

Dani and Shay quickly became close and are now best friends, this new friendship has given both of them a new purpose in life, and has helped Dani nurse Shay back to good health.

She says that she has a reason to get up in the morning and life is now totally different. Shay follows Dani wherever she goes, and loves to take a nap and snuggle up with Dani, which is unusual for horses.

We are moved by this beautiful story of two friends, who have been through terrible circumstances in life, but have forged a friendship which transcends over everything and is helping them heal their past scars.

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Posted by Soulmates on Sunday, August 5, 2018

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