Vocal Coach Fulfills Dying Man’s Wish By Singing His Own Song At His Bedside

Many people who take voice lessons, do so to get that ‘solo’ part at church or have that perfect voice for an upcoming musical, but not so for Bernie.

46-year-old single dad, who cleaned swimming pools for a living, Bernie started taking voice lessons from singer Essence in January of 2016.

He had musical dreams to launch an album, but never did anything about it.

Suddenly Bernie lost his voice one day, but continued taking lessons for some more time but his voice never returned.

He was diagnosed with ALS, and could not sing or speak, so one day, he asked Essence to be his voice for his song, “Unusual Boy.”

Essence fulfilled his desire and performed the song with a full band as Bernie watched them with tears from his hospital bed.

A week later, Bernie passed away.

Thanks to Essence, this man was able to fulfill his life long dream of singing his own song.


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