Police And Church Members Bow Together For Healing In Honduras After Hurricane Lota Devastation

Local police officers and church members cried out to God to save their city as Hurricane Iota made landfall in Honduras recently.


The hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm and was the second one to hit Central America this month after Eta, which made landfall on Nov. 3 and caused widespread damage to the region and its people.

The National Police of Honduras (Policía Nacional de Honduras) shared video footage on social media of a large group of officers and church members praying together on a bridge over the Ulúa river in the Pimienta municipality of Cortés, Honduras. The tweet read, “Prayer with faith by police officers and members of churches, in the flow of the Ulúa River, in Pimienta, Cortés,” the translated tweet reads.

The Honduran police force tweet also showed officers carrying out a high-risk evacuation on top of a hill hit by heavy winds and also showed many officers praying together to God for “national healing” in the country. People residing in the mountain region surrounding Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras, and those on the east coast have evacuated due to risk of flash flooding and potential landslides.

600 temporary shelters were erected to help Hondurans, who complained about a lack of emergency supplies. A woman said that the storm had destroyed many of the local farms, which meant many would die by starvation. “We could die,” she said. “There is nothing to eat at all,” she added, noting that the storm had destroyed many of the local farms.

This picture of police and church members praying for the country’s condition due to the hurricane is moving the hearts of people everywhere because they are bowing before the Lord God for whom nothing is impossible and who alone can calm the storms.