87-Year-Old Reads Poem He Wrote For His Wife While Dating

A man who has an account by the name of LedbetterPoetry on YouTube, decided to share a poem he wrote about his first wife, ‘You’re Everything.’


It goes like this:

Oh sun in the sky, please tell me why I miss that girl so much.
Oh moon and stars, wherever you are I need your special touch.

It’s obvious that the poet is still fond of his first wife and they both shared a special bond from the beginning stages of dating. He goes on to read:

Oh wind and trees, and gentle breeze, please whisper in her ear.
Please tell her that I miss her so, and that I need her near.

They both have been together for a long time and he wants her to know how much he loves her and wants to be able to feel close to her.

The poem continues with the words,

Ocean, lake, don’t hesitate, combine your efforts please.
Please let your waves caress her face, and kiss her pretty knees.
Oh help her to remember, the many hours we spent,
just looking at the waves go by, that made us so content.

This poem is about their memories together, and about the many trips, they’ve been on together even though they are apart today. What a sweet love they share and hopefully the modern generation will understand the beauty of poetry to share feelings with loved ones.


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