Christian Bluegrass Family Performs Soulful Cover Of ‘I Am Weary, Let Me Rest’

The Brandenberger Family presents a soulful bluegrass cover of ‘I Am Weary, Let Me Rest’, and their performance gives a soothing and uplifting experience for listeners.


Kiss me mother kiss your darlin’ Lay my head upon your breast
Throw your loving arms around me
I am weary let me rest

Seems the light is swiftly fading
Brighter scenes they do now show
I am standing by the river
Angels wait to take me home

The tune of the song was written by Pete Kuykendall in the late 1950s and was recorded by the Stanley Brothers in 1977 for their Clinch Mountain Gospel Album. The song was then made famous by the Cox Family in the movie ‘Oh Brother, Where Art Thou’ (2000).

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