Redeemed Quartet Sings Original Song ‘I Believe’

Redeemed Quartet presents the official music video of ‘I Believe,’ a song filled with hope and inspiration for the dark times we are living in.


The song has a special appearance by Kevin Carr in the video and is shot in the beautiful Rock Run Creek Barn in Northern Indiana.

When I see the sunrise in the morning
When I feel the wind blow across my face
When I hear the sound of children playing
I know it’s all a part of god’s amazing grace

In times of obscurity, conformity, and political correctness, we have to make a choice whether to believe in the world or in the name above all names- Jesus Christ.

And I believe there’s a place called heaven
I believe in a place called Calvary
I believe in a man his name is Jesus
And I believe that he gave his life for me

This song is about the things that matter most in our lives- our God, our marriage, family, children, values, friends, church, and more.

I was there the day my mamma went to heaven
I held her hand as she closed her eyes to sleep
I felt the power of ten thousand angels
Take her soul away to be crowned at Jesus’ feet

The words of the song are deep and speak to our hearts, mind, and spirit. Let us hold on to the Lord Jesus Christ who is the author and finisher of our faith and give Him all our problems and suffering.


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