19-Year-Old Wins World Figure Skating Title with Record-Breaking Performance

Ilia Malinin, 19, broke a world record at the World Figure Skating Championship by landing six quadruple jumps, including a quad axel, earning the highest free-skate score of 227.79 ever seen in the competition.

ilia malinin quad axel performance

After this historic win, his first world title, Malinin expressed his feelings, saying it all felt “a little bit like a dream” and hoped to fully grasp his achievement soon.

He performed to music from the TV show “Succession,” a new experience that initially filled him with nerves. However, the support from the audience helped him overcome his doubts, and once the music started, those fears disappeared.

Malinin described this support as crucial to his confidence during the performance.

The realization of his victory hit him after landing the final jump. “That was the moment when I realized that, you know, I finally did it and it felt so good for me to land all those jumps and not make a mistake,” Malinin said.

Malinin got emotional at the end of his performance, reflecting the significance of his achievement.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

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