Teen Boy Heroically Saves 7-Year-Old Cousin From Leopard

A teenager from a Karpatwadi village in Murbad taluka of Thane district in India, is being praised as a hero, for saving his young cousin from a leopard.


Naresh Kaluram Bhala 14, and his cousin Harshad Vitthal Bhala 7, were with their grandmother on their farm near Murbad forest range.

While the woman was farming, the boys were busy searching for blackberries, while a leopard was hiding in the bushes.

The leopard jumped on the older boy, but he managed to avoid it, it then attacked Harshad and injured him.

Thanks to a quick thinking Naresh, who picked up stones and a stick lying at the spot and hit the leopard, making it loosen its grip on Harshad.

The boys then raised an alarm and their grandmother Kanhibai rushed there with a ‘koyta’ (sickle) in hand, the leopard fled.

She then rushed the children to hospital, where they got treated for minor injuries.

A day later the forest team found the leopard dead in the forest.

The female cat was found dead, it was around 10-12 years old, was taken to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park for a post mortem examination.

It did not have any injuries or abnormalities and pathologists gave the cause of death to be of old age.

Officials from the local Tokawade police station applauded the bravery of the children, Suhas Kharmate, in-charge of Tokawade police station, said, “Naresh showed unusual courage for such a young lad to save his cousin.”


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