Baby Makes Miraculous Recovery After His Parents Were Told To Say Goodbye

The arrival of a newborn baby in the world brings so much happiness and joy in the parent’s hearts, but what if the parents have to decide whether to take their child off life support or not.

Emma and Caleb Hawkins faced this heart wrenching decision. A post on page Pray For Isaac Hawkins read, “Isaac Hawkins was born prematurely in June,” it continued, “He had a few obstacles as a preemie, but was cleared to go home a couple of weeks ago.”

Posted by Emma Hawkins on Monday, September 9, 2019

It further wrote that Isaac’s daddy noticed he was in the middle of a seizure, and then he was transferred to the children’s hospital in Knoxville, TN. Doctors there said that Isaac had a lot of brain damage, a collapsed lung and continued to have strokes and seizures which became worse with the passing of time.

Soon doctors gave them a difficult decision to make.

Emma Hawkins wrote, that the doctor told them that their son would never be able to have any normal function because of his brain injury. They were told that without the ventilator he would not be able to breathe or swallow or cry again, and were asked if they wanted to keep him on life support or remove his vents to let him pass away peacefully.

The family did not want their little boy to suffer anymore and prepared themselves for his passing away. “Family gathered to say goodbyes and the time came when we took the tube out,” the post continued. “They told us the chance of him surviving was so slim with the amount of brain injury and with part of his lung collapsed, they expected him to die probably within the evening.”

Posted by Pray for Isaac Hawkins on Monday, September 9, 2019

“But they don’t know the miracles of our God,” Emma continued. “As of right now, our little boy is completely off oxygen and is breathing perfectly.”

“He’s taking his pacifier and can even swallow things. He’s crying and looking/ moving around. The doctors said he can’t but God is saying he will! We’re not anywhere close to being out of the fire yet but He’s taking care of us while we’re in it!”

Emma urges people to continue praying for Isaac and according to a GoFundMe started by Isaac’s uncle, Ricky Allen, he has continued to survive despite brain swelling.

Posted by Pray for Isaac Hawkins on Monday, September 9, 2019

An update read that Isaac would be going for a feeding tube placement and to pray it goes off well. “In regards to the MRI we were a little off on our timing, but those results showed some blood on the brain, some brain damage, and that little Isaac could possibly have Cerebral Palsy. This is only a possibility. Remember God is control, ALWAYS! We will send out another update after the procedure today. We are truly blessed to still have Isaac here with us, thanks to God, and all of your prayers.”

The family needs prayer, while donations to Isaac’s fundraising page reached almost $4,000. We believe that God is in perfect control of Isaac’s situation and he is safe in the hands of Jesus.

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