Teen Battling Brain Cancer Famous For Touchdown During Nebraska Spring Game Is Back On Football Field

A young teen battling brain cancer, who was in the news some years ago for scoring a touchdown during a Nebraska Cornhuskers spring football game, is back on the field doing what he loves the most.


Jack Hoffman, 13, wore his pads and helmet for West Holt High School in Atkinson, Nebraska, he played center for the high school team. “You would have thought he was playing in the Super Bowl with all the family there,” Jack’s father, Andy said.


Jack was diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2011 and went through harsh chemo. He relapsed in 2014, but a clinical trial helped out. Last year the tumor worsened and Jack is back in a clinical trial.

Doctors asked Jack if he wanted to play football, his dad said he wanted to play “pretty bad.” He said, “Jack loves football, he comes from a long line of football players,” Andy Hoffman said. “We didn’t want to push this down this throat. We wanted this to be Jack’s decision.”

Jack Hoffman also has seizures and has to take 23 pills a day to manage epilepsy. He was invited to a Cornhuskers spring football game in 2013, where a video of him running for a 69-yard touchdown went viral and melted hearts everywhere.


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