Correctional Deputy Cries Tears Of Joy As He Sees Colors For The First Time

It was an unforgettable moment for local correctional deputy when he saw Humboldt’s beauty in a way he had never seen before thanks to a gift from some of his co-workers.

officer surprised with color glasses

Correctional Deputy and SWAP Farm Manager, Jeff Dishmon’s life-changing moment came about when other correctional deputies helped to buy him an enchroma glass which made all the difference.

He had been color blind all his life which caused a lot of frustration in his life, says the clip posted by the the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

It further talks about Correctional Deputy Samantha Freese and Dishmon who have both worked together for eight years at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. The two have grown close, nicknaming each other “Grandpa” and “Granddaughter.”

Dishmon who was suffering from color blindness all his life, got a fresh lease of life when ‘Granddaughter’ Freese and other correctional deputies pitched in to purchase enchroma glasses for him and presented them to him at the Sheriff’s SWAP Farm.

A small act of kindness like this has given Dishmon a chance to see life differently. We need more such acts of kindness in our world to make it more beautiful for everybody.


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