Mother’s Prayer Brings Dead Son Back To Life: ‘I Believe In A God Who Can Do Miracles’

Mothers are praying warriors, they know that there is no problem, issue, or situation that God cannot handle.

A Missouri mom testified how prayer helped bring her dead son back to life when the doctor was about to declare him dead.


On January 19, 2015, John Smith had a terrible drowning accident when he drowned under ice-cold water for 15 minutes.

John is a basketball player and is good at it, in fact, the day before the accident happened, his team won the basketball game with his winning shot. Then he spent a night with his friends Josh Rieger and Josh Sander after the game.

The next day, while his mother, Joyce, was getting ready to pick up her son, she received appalling news that her son had an accident.

John Smith

John fell through the ice on Lake Saint Louise, and 15 minutes had passed before the search and rescue team found his body without a heartbeat.

Joyce raced to the hospital where her son was taken and was praying while on the way.

She busted into the emergency room as doctors feverishly worked to bring life back to his son’s lifeless body.

Kent Sutterer, who happened to be a parent of John’s classmate attended as his doctor.

When they weren’t able to revive John after 27 minutes, he told Joyce, “You can go up and talk to your son.”

“In that moment I knew I had to get desperate with my Lord. I had to get a hold of God and get a hold of him fast,” Joyce recalled.


The desperate mother remembered what she learned from the Bible study, and she knew that the Holy Spirit can raise up her son as Christ Jesus had raised from the dead. So she earnestly prayed to God.

She recounted, “All of a sudden, everyone and everything in that room faded away and it was just me and John and God. With a voice I thought was quiet, but that actually bellowed through the room, down the hallway, …. I declared, ‘I believe in a God who can do miracles! Holy Spirit, I need you right now to come and breathe life back into my son!”

Joyce wept and cried out to God because her son was already dead for 45 minutes. But then suddenly she received her miracle when John’s pulse came back to life.


The miracle astonished the doctors because they expected the young man to have massive brain damage. But every test showed remarkable healing.

Today, John and Joyce’s story is being told to the whole world through the Christian movie Breakthrough.


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