‘I Still Stand In Jesus’ Name’: Orlando Magic Player Jonathan Isaac Stands Firm By His Decision On Not Kneeling For The National Anthem

Recently when the NBA players refused to stand but kneeled during the National Anthem, it created ripples all across the country.


Among the Orlando Magic players, only Jonathan Isaac chose to remain standing for the national anthem and despite all the backlash he received for it, he is standing his ground.

The incident


22-year-old Jonathan Isaac was the only NBA player who stood up during “The Star-Spangled Banner.” And not only that, he did not wear a Black Lives Matter T-shirt as well. Later at a press conference, Isaac explained that he believed that black lives matter but his life was depended on his faith in God and wasn’t a political campaign.

“I believe that black lives matter,” he said. “Kneeling while wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt [doesn’t] go hand-in-hand with supporting black lives. My life has been supported through the Gospel — Jesus Christ — and everyone is made in the image of God.”


“My teammates know who I am and what I believe as a person and they respect me for the decision,” Isaac said. “For me, personally, it’s not coming from a position of wanting to be popular or wanting to be seen. It all came down to what’s in my heart; I stake my flag with Jesus.”

Facing backlash

Isaac faced a lot of ridicule and backlash for his decision not to kneel during the national anthem but he is standing firm on his faith-based decision. Critics of the player also made mean statements saying he deserved the knee injury he sustained during the Sunday game.

A supporter of his, Kayte Hunter, a sideline reporter for NBC Sports, criticized all those who spoke about Isaac’s injury as a tit-for-tat saying, “I got a lot of tweets from people saying this was karma,” said Hunter. “That is just a really nasty way — that is not what sports is about. I implore you all to have some decency. That is disgusting to me and I hope to God that Jonathan Isaac can recover quickly and this isn’t as serious as it looked.”

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Good for you Jonathan! I stand with you and your beliefs!


It is refreshing to see this young man stand and live his convictions. Continue to trust and believe in Christ….He is the answer and I pray for a speedy / complete recovery. We desperately need more men of faith in this broken world today. Proud of you…….

Greg Smith

Way to go Jonathan! God is the only answer for our issues in this world right now. Stay Strong my friend.

Ruth Conner

Jonathan I am so proud of you❣
Lord God Almighty, bless Jonathan’s injury…bless his heart Lord for STANDING for YOU…in and thru Jesus❣


THANK GOD ALMIGHTY for you being a remnant of Jesus Christ on this earth. Continue to let God be first and more important than anything else. No weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises against you in judgement shall be condemned. (Isaiah 54:17) Stand; again I say “STAND” in JESUS NAME

margaret Ingham

thank you for your bravery and standing to show your repect. May God watch over you, bless you and keep you safe


God bless you for standing and sticking your beliefs. God is good!


Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ our Savior! Issac is a wonderful example to those who look up to basketball players. Issac is an inspiration to all. He’s centered in the Gospel. Now basketball has a true hero to liken too and most of all a true disciple for our Savior, Christ Jesus!ww


Remember in Sunday school the song Jesus loves the little children ALL the children of the world Red and Yellow Black and white they are precious in His Sight. I think as adults, we have lost sight of that. Sadly, I think Satan is sitting back and Smiling big time.

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