Injured K-9 Officer Gets Warm Welcome When He Leaves The Hospital

3-year-old German shepherd, Arlo is a well-known TikTok star.


Arlo joined the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office in Washington a year ago as a K-9 officer and his handler, Deputy Tyler Turpin, keeps sharing videos of Arlo online and both have a combined fan base of more than 2 million.

Sgt. Rod Ditrich, the department’s K-9 unit supervisor, described Arlo as “an amazing dog” and added, “He’s just so enthusiastic and he’s one of our most vocal, energetic dogs that we’ve got — he just is always happy, wants to please, just an amazing animal. Super easy to train.”

Recently the energetic pup was put to the test when a situation caused him and his fellow officers to be engaged in a car chase with an armed driver. The man tried to fire at them when they came close to him, injuring Arlo severely, the brave dog was immediately rushed into emergency surgery.


Arlo was shot in the leg, shoulder, and neck, and one missed his knee narrowly which avoided the need for amputation. One bullet got lodged near his spine that needed a second surgery to remove. He had the operation in Oregon which has left him with 6 screws in his neck and bullet fragments.

“It’s a miracle that Arlo’s still alive,” said Dr. Jen Warnock, who operated on him. “The bullet missed an artery that would’ve killed him by a millimetre. It could’ve destroyed his carotid artery.”

So when it was time for Arlo to go home, his team in blue turned out to show him their appreciation. Dozens of officers lined up near the hospital to give him a true hero’s welcome and he also got a police escort with lights and sirens all the way home.


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“When Deputy Turpin and K-9 Arlo arrived home, they were greeted by neighbors, friends, firefighters, fellow K-9 handlers from multiple organizations from local and surrounding counties, and a multitude of law enforcement officers from all local agencies and surrounding county and police agencies,” the sheriff’s department wrote in a statement.

“It was quite humbling! Arlo is currently at home resting with his family.” What a rousing reception Arlo got from his colleagues but sadly his K-9 officer days are over as he likely has arthritis, but he has wonderful memories to last him a lifetime.

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