Police Dog Tracks Down Missing 3-Year-Old by Following His Blanket’s Scent

In DeLand, Florida, a police dog named Midnight turned into a hero by finding a 3-year-old boy who had gone missing in the woods.

k9 finds missing 3 year old

The boy’s family had reported him missing, and a large search began. Midnight, guided by the scent from the boy’s blanket, led his handler, Corporal Damon Clark, through the forest to find the child.

Clark shared, “He was dragging me through the woods, like he was just he wasn’t gonna stop.” The dense woods made it hard for Clark, but Midnight, undeterred, found the boy in about 45 minutes. Upon finding the boy, Midnight started “licking the little boy’s face, and he’s all over the little boy,” as Clark described.

The DeLand Police Department posted on social media about the successful search, showing a photo of the boy, safely found, with Midnight and the team. They expressed their happiness over the safe return of the child, saying, “This is the outcome we hope for in these situations, a safe return!”

Midnight, who has been with the department since 2022, is not only skilled at finding missing people but also at detecting narcotics. When not working, he enjoys playing with his favorite green tennis ball.

Clark spoke about their work together, saying, “I’m the dumb end of the leash. So he does all the work.” This rescue adds to the team’s success, marking the fifth person they’ve found together.

WATCH: Raw Video of Midnight Tracking Down Missing Child

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