Police Officers Replace Kids’ Stolen Bikes After They Greeted Officers Who Were Having A Bad Day With Hugs

In an act of kindness that we don’t see everyday, Clackamas County deputies replaced the stolen bikes of kids in their county.


Deputy Steve Funk said, “Mark and I were having a rough day,” he added “We were encountering, let’s just say, some people not being pleasant. Then, all of a sudden, these kids come over and out of nowhere they give us hugs.” Deputy Mark Nikolai said, “It was amazing.”

This initial act of kindness would soon lead to something spectacular later.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office shared on Sept. 26 about it, “Here’s a GREAT story about our deputies going out of their way to replace several stolen bicycles for a very special group of kids.”

The post shared about how the two officers who were having a bad day received hugs from young children which melted the officers hearts.

The post continued, “The deputies also learned the children’s bicycles had been stolen. At briefing, the deputies told their partners that they planned to buy the three kids replacement bicycles and surprise them after school.”

Other deputies who heard about it also wanted to help out, the post continued. So they visited Fred Meyer who gave them discounts on the three bicycle purchases, and then took them along with the helmets to the little kids who were over the moon when they saw them,

“I was joking around saying it was the safest law enforcement ambush we’ve ever seen, and we loved it,” Funk said. “Our deputies make a positive difference in our community every day,” the post concluded. “You don’t always hear about it, but these deputies have big hearts under their badges.”

One of the kids Brandon Jenkins,9, said, “I like the wheels,” and added, “Clackamas County sheriffs are the best.” Leah Estes Jenkins, mom of the other two boys who got bikes said gratefully, “Thank you deputies!” She commented on the post, “Our family is eternally grateful for your service to our community, your generosity, and for the impact you had on our family.”

She concluded saying, “With all of the negativity out there, I have always encouraged my children to be kind and compassionate because you never know what people are struggling with,” she concluded. “This has impacted our family in so many ways and I just can not thank you enough!”

“You can’t put a value on that, for helping a kid, it was great,” Nikolai said. There can never be a price tag on any act of kindness, be it big or small. We all just need to spread more kindness in this world.

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