Barber Goes Above And Beyond To Help Homeless Man After Getting Second Chance At Life

A lifelong friendship between a barber and a homeless man proves that there are no boundaries for true friendship.

Lex Moran is a Louisville barber and her friend Joe is homeless. She gives him a haircut on Sunday and makes sure he has clothes and whatever he requires for the day. “When I pull up, I try to feed him, give him a little money, make sure he has clothes and whatever he needs just to maintain through that day,” Moran said.

Viral kindness


One of their normal interaction was shared on social media and appealed to the hearts of people. The 29-year-old spotted Joe at a bus stop in the Taylor Berry neighborhood and he mentioned that he wanted a haircut.

“He was talking about how his hair was longer and it was tickling his ears,” Moran said. “It just so happens I had the stuff and I wanted to do that for him because that’s my guy.”

Joe had just taken and passed her barber board exam that day and her supplies were already in the car. “I didn’t do it for any attention because I been doing this for Joe because I’m just attached to him,” she said.

Her act of kindness has surprised many but there is a reason for her selflessness, she reveals that back in 2016 while standing on her porch in the Algonquin neighborhood, she was shot by a then 17-year-old gunman after an altercation.

She had to be operated on for 8 hours and was admitted for 10-days in the hospital for complete recovery. “He just shot four times in my direction and I caught three of them,” Moran said. “Having a second chance at life, it’s just sympathy and compassion and even having an understanding for others, no matter the situation.”

Second life

Now she is using that second chance at life to do something meaningful in her community. She hopes to lead by example and send the message that the world can always use more love and compassion.

“I’ve gotten so much love from just helping Joe and it’s almost unbelievable that it’s love out here in a world of so much negativity and so many shootings and killings,” she said. “I just want to give that little bit that will go a long way.”

Now Moran is working to become an instructor and open a barber school and teach aspirants the tips and tricks of the barber industry. But she says she will still be checking on Joe.

Her viral act of kindness has resulted in community members wanting to help Joe as well. At the moment he is using a broken walker to get around but residents are rallying together to help him get a brand new one. “If I can just be a little hope and a little change and a little love that is in the community, maybe I can lead other people to do the exact same thing as I am,” she said.