Brave Mother Rushes To Save Semi Driver From Burning Oil Tanker After Giving Birth Just Three Days Ago

A brave mother who had given birth only three days ago jumped into action to save a truck driver after his overturned oil tanker exploded on an Indianapolis freeway.

Holly McNally

Holly McNally and two others ran towards truck driver Jeffrey “Duke” Denman, who was ablaze after his semi-truck flipped over. McNally, had given birth to a son three days ago and was leaving the hospital with her mother after visiting her baby in the neonatal intensive care unit. “I slowed down, and I saw the actual semi on fire, and I look to the front of the semi and I see a man on fire,” McNally said. “And I’m scanning and people are videotaping and watching, but no one was going over there. So I told my mom ‘I’m stopping, I’m going over there.’”

She was joined by another good Samaritan who helped put out the fire which was consuming Denman’s body. As they evacuated from the scene, McNally realized that her shoes were soaked in a strong-smelling liquid. “We got him out, and we start to walk away and I see this huge stream of liquid and I could smell it,” McNally said. “I said ‘Jeff, honey, what were you hauling?’ And he said ‘jet fuel.’”

4,000 gallons of jet fuel was pouring down the freeway, creating a massive fire and thick plumes of black smoke. “We’re trying to carry him down and it’s getting closer and closer and the second explosion went off,” McNally said. “Smoke was hitting us and I was just praying like ‘God, please let us get out of here so I can see my baby.”

McNally delivered her baby, Connor, who came earlier than anticipated, and three days later, she was racing toward a blazing semi-truck to save a man’s life.

Baby Connor

Denman, 59, was badly burned and taken to the hospital in critical condition. But sadly he died 2 weeks after the incident. Trucking company Jet Star Inc. issued a statement about the incident, thanking those who put efforts to save Denman’s life.

McNally said she thought about her son as she decided to stop and help the driver. She was like if her son had been the one on fire, she would have wanted somebody to do the same. “I wish everybody was like that you know? I mean everybody should help everybody,” the brave mother said.


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