Schoolboys Step In To Help Student Who Got Into The Wrong Bus On First Day Of New School

There’s nothing more distressing for a schoolboy than losing his way and getting lost on the first day of school.

A mum has shown her appreciation for a group of schoolboys, who helped her son, after he got on the wrong bus after his first day at a new school.

Understandably, the 11-year-old boy was stressed and crying as he found himself far away from home in Liverpool after boarding the wrong bus.

He did not have any money on him and no mobile phone as well, but three helpful fellow students made sure he got home safely.

Year 11 schoolboy Tom O’Brien lent the boy £10 for a taxi to his house, and two Year 7 boys, Harry Campbell and Dylan Robson, made sure that he made it back safely.

Harry Campbell shared a post about the incident on Facebook which has since gone viral.

She said “It was my husband who saw Harry standing outside the house, talking to this boy we had never seen before.”

“Harry had told Dylan to ring the taxi to pick him up from our house, to make sure he got home safe.”

“Then he had walked him to ours and was stood outside waiting until the taxi came.”

“God love him, this little fella was upset and had got on the wrong bus and with it being his first day wouldn’t have known very many people either.”

“I asked Harry had he seen the boy today and how he was, and he said he was fine and had thanked him.”

“I just think it is lovely. I’m very proud of him.’

“It puts faith back in humanity and that little fella will know there are good people who will help him.”

Tom O’Brien’s dad has also spoken about how proud he is of his son. Kenny O’Brien said: “I am very proud of him.

“He is a very thoughtful lad and has a great personality.”

“He didn’t tell me what had happened until later in the night when he realized people were talking about it on Facebook.”

“He just said he was on the bus asking the Year 7’s how they had got on, on their first day and he noticed this kid sat on his own, looking anxious and upset and asked him was he okay.”

To top it all off, the taxi driver, from Liverpool’s Delta Cars, let the young kid off without taking any fare.

The post has also attracted comments from the headteacher of Holy Family Catholic High School and she has commended his pupils for their actions.