Kirk Cameron Speaks On The Challenges He Faced When He Shared The Gospel In Hollywood

Movie actor, Kirk Cameron recently shared the backlash he received for sharing his faith in Hollywood. In an interview today, he speaks form the heart about how hard it is to evangelize to the stars.


Kirk was born on October 12, 1970 in Panorama City, California, and started his acting career at the tender age of 9. He became well known after playing the character of Mike Seaver in ‘Growing Pains.’ Although he was an atheist in the beginning, he later on became an evangelical Christian and has never been shy of expressing his faith. Today, he has a stern warning for people who want to evangelize in Hollywood.

In a recent interview Kirk Cameron said, “A lot of times people say, I really feel like God is calling me to Hollywood so I can witness,” says Kirk Cameron, “And I would say, people really need to check their motives. Because you don’t jump into a hot battlefield without really being equipped and really knowing what your goal is and what your mission is. If that stuff is not clear, then that is probably not where you should be.”

But, he also has a word of encouragement to those who are led to share Christ there and step into that role. “Having said that, if you are prayed up and you do have a strong identity in Christ and a sense of purpose and mission, then come on, we need your help,” says Cameron. “Because this is a place where people are waiting to hear the gospel of their salvation. And it’s so influential, that what happens here in Hollywood spreads very quickly across the nation.”

Kirk Cameron also speaks about the lack of enthusiasm in the Church today. “When you think of how many Christians there are in the United States, and you think of the fact that we’ve got the Truth on our side,” Cameron says. “And we’ve got the Spirit of God and the victory of the Gospel, I can only point to the apathy of the Church that we’re not getting more done.”

However, he also has a word of hope for America, “When I look at the scriptures from a wide angled perspective, I actually see reasons for great hope,” Cameron explains.

Kirk Cameron has shared the truth because there are so many Christians in America and so many mega churches everywhere, but have they truly done enough to spread the word of God around the world? There is still so much ground left to cover, and if we don’t use every way possible to reach the lost, then how would they hear the gospel. Romans 10:14, “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?”

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