Korean Soul Takes Us To Church With Uplifting Cover Of ‘My Whole Life Has Changed’

Korean soul covers ‘My whole life has changed’ by Lee Williams & The Spiritual QC’s and it’s so good.

Korean Soul

The talented singers have taken this song and knocked it out of the park and done a fantastic job with this classic gospel song.

Since I’ve found Jesus (my whole life has changed)
Since I’ve found Jesus (my whole life has changed)
You know he’s (changed my walk)
My talk (changed my talk)
My whole life (my whole life has changed)
Help me say yeah (yeah, my whole life has changed)

I’ve had friends and loved one’s
Who walked and talked with me.
Since I found Jesus
They don’t have no time for me.
But the mean things you say
Don’t make me feel bad
I can’t miss a friend that I never had

Their voices blend so well and the harmony is just perfect. We needed to hear this, it brightened up our day.


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