Kristina Kuzmic’s Encouraging Advice For Those Who Are Struggling

Social media’s darling Kristina Kuzmic is a brave mom who is known to dole out honest advice to netizens on the daily ups and downs in life with her sartorial humor.

On her new video she says, “Whatever you’re going through, whether it’s something really heavy and life-altering like a divorce or a huge financial struggle, or whether it’s just everyday parenting chaos like potty training or teen drama or tantrums, it’s not permanent.”

There’s no doubt that she has been through some very tough times in her life and also has struggled financially doing 2 jobs to support her family and relying on food stamps to buy food. One of her darkest moments came while standing in line to pay at the grocery store and she heard a woman behind her say, “Why don’t you get a job instead of mooching off the government?”

Kristina was so overcome with embarrassment and sadness that she didn’t even have the strength to say anything to the stranger. At the moment, she felt like this would be her permanent situation with everyone always looking down on her. But now her life is entirely different.

When we are struggling in our lives, it’s so important to remember that the situation can change. “This is right now. This is not forever. You are not stuck.” This message really hit me hard. What about you?

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