Students Stunned After Landlord Gives Them ‘Good Tenant Bonuses’ Along With Security Deposits

Students renting apartments are known to be messy and causing a nuisance to their landlords, but these seven English students who rented an apartment together were left stunned after their landlord gave them ‘good tenant bonuses.’


They had lived in their Leeds, England apartment for three years, and when it came time for them to leave, he not only returned their deposits but also added a 20 percent bonus.

Maisie, a 22-year old psychology student at the University of Leeds, posted a screenshot on Twitter sharing the text message that her landlord, John, sent to all his departing tenants. The caption read, “A nice student landlord!!! Love you, John,” and it received a whopping 265,000 likes.


The text from John read, “As a thank you, I have added a small bonus of £50 to each of your deposits making it £300 and now the shops are opening again I hope you’ll be able to buy yourself something nice.” He added, “You have all been excellent tenants.”


John said: “I wish them well in the future. If they carry on how they did in my house they will be fine people.” The students have all recently graduated and will be going their separate ways.

Maisie, who is originally from Manchester, also said “We lived at the house for three years and it was really nice, we never had any problems if we did John did everything he could to fix it. I’m just amazed by the amount of likes the tweet has got. It’s important for people to be aware that there are good landlords too.”

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