Woman Shares Story Of Early Porn Addiction And How God Rescued Her

A lifetime spent struggling with pornography addiction led a woman to freedom after she heard the voice of God.


Laura grew up in a Christian family, but when she was 7-years-old, her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and during that challenging time, she discovered a book in her parents’ bathroom which had pornographic contents.

Since that time, she was addicted to watching porn and then a tragic incident happened in her family when her father died.

Laura was gripped with anxiety, fear, responsibilities and perceptions of herself, and turned to porn for comfort.

But in the middle of all that she began attending church and accepted Christ, but still struggled with her secret of porn addiction.

During college, Laura had a reawakening in her faith. “I could really see the there was a part of me that did not agree with God. And it was in that season that I came to a point where I understood His forgiveness,” she recalled.

Six months later, she got into a bad relationship with another church member and for 3 years she stayed in that unhealthy relationship.

But all-throughout that time, she was wrestling with thoughts in her mind where she loved her lover but she also loved the LORD.

And then one night, after a fight, God suddenly spoke to her. God told Laura, “I love you. What are you doing?”

“It was like a giant shift happened. What was in front of me, what was happening right then became nothing. I do not want it. This is not what I want,” she recounted that powerful encounter.

Finally, Laura’s eyes were opened and she underwent repentance and found freedom in the Lord Jesus.

This is such a beautiful story of repentance and forgiveness of Laura, who was trapped by the enemy in a vicious cycle but our Lord Jesus Christ had mercy on His child and rescued her from sin and suffering.

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