Police Officers Go Above And Beyond To Repair Woman’s Broken Wheelchair Ramp

Our police officers inspire us with their determination to serve their communities every day.

Officers of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call to check on a distressed woman at a home in Tallahassee, Florida.


When they arrived at the address, they discovered that the woman used a wheelchair and was unable to leave her house due to it.

The long wooden ramp leading up to her home needed immediate repair as it was crumbling and rotting in spots.

The woman couldn’t maneuver her chair down the ramp to get to her vehicle.


Officers immediately jumped in to help her get her mobility back.


“She just was looking for someone to help, and that was the whole issue, the root of the problem was that no one was helping her and she didn’t know who to get into contact with,” Sgt. William Punausuia said.

Last Friday, our deputies responded to a call for assistance from a citizen who was in distress. After speaking with the citizen and seeing the condition of her wheelchair ramp, deputies realized she wasn't able to leave her home. In a charge led by Deputy Mark McGowan and the entire Bravo Alpha shift, during their personal time, decided to build her a new ramp! All lumber and other materials were provided by Ability1st and bulk pickup from Leon County Public Works Department. This is what #ALLinLEON is about! Great job team!

Posted by Leon County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, 4 March 2021


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