Mom Who Refused to Abort Her Baby Counts the 199 Days He Lived a Blessing

Allison and Eric Blosfield faced a challenging decision when they found out their unborn son, Ethan, had Down syndrome and Hydrops Fetalis, a severe condition where excessive fluid builds up around vital organs. Despite the risks, they chose to continue the pregnancy, a choice that led to an incredible journey.

unborn baby with down syndrome

Allison shared her initial reaction, saying, “It was just kind of this instant, like, sinking feeling.” Eric, however, remained calm, reassuring her, “Whatever happens, babe, we’ll roll with it. It’s cool, don’t worry about it.” This support proved crucial as they navigated the uncertain path ahead.

The online Down syndrome community became a source of strength for Allison. After sharing her story, she found encouragement and support from others who had walked similar paths.

But the challenges were far from over. A follow-up appointment revealed Ethan had developed Hydrops Fetalis. The doctors suggested the couple to terminate the pregnancy, Allison reflected, “I could just be done and run away.” But they chose life, determined to cherish their time with Ethan.

Then, a remarkable turn of events occurred. During a check-up, doctors found no fluid around Ethan’s heart or lungs. “This never happens,” the doctor exclaimed. However, they were cautioned that Ethan’s severe heart defect might prevent him from surviving birth or living more than 24 hours afterward.

In December 2022, Ethan was born, defying odds. He spent his first month in the NICU, enduring a heart operation and ongoing health challenges. Despite these trials, Ethan’s spirit shone through.

Ultimately, Eric and Allison faced the heart-wrenching decision to take Ethan off life support. They cherished every moment with him, spending 199 precious days together. After Ethan’s passing, they celebrated his life, honoring the barriers he broke and the miracles he represented.

“My son lived 199 days, and we wanted to celebrate that,” Allison said. “He pushed past more stuff than doctors ever thought that he would, and he broke barriers and proved that miracles happen.”

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