84-Year-Old Acrobat Stuns Everyone With Incredible Performance On America’s Got Talent

The latest episode on America’s Got Talent proves that age is just a number and that we should never suppress or hold back our talent.


Brazilian 84-year old Leon and his best friend Edson -54 years old of Dupla o Tempo, rocked the show at AGT 2019 and blew the judges and audience away with their acrobatics. Hand balancers, Edson & Leon prove that age is just a number as they continue to follow their dreams irrespective of their age.

It was 14 years ago, that they had met each other and always had dreams of performing hand balancing acts in front of huge audiences, and finally they got their chance on “America’s Got Talent.”


They entered the stage wearing outfits from “Up” which was probably triggered by judge Julianne Hough’s past comments on them. Even though they started their act in a slow manner, they suddenly transformed themselves by doing body balancing and lift tricks with one another which left everybody including the judges and the audience in shock.

Their act was loved by people all over the world which is evident by the outpouring of love and support these two are receiving.

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