3-Year-Old Girl Prays For The World In Adorable Video

As the world continues to battle the Coronavirus and many other diseases, the heartwarming prayer of a little girl for those affected by the pandemic has gone viral.


The 3-year-old girl named Arya prays for everybody affected by the COVID-19 and is praying to ‘papa God’ from her heart.

She prays for the victims of the pandemic and their loved ones left behind.

She also prays for all those who are alone and are crying for their loved ones who have died from the pandemic.

For those who have no home and no money to feed their families.

She also prays for the doctors and nurses who are fighting the virus on the frontlines.

The little girl also remembers the military and the police who are fighting for the country day and night.

What a beautiful prayer by this little girl who has not seen much of the world yet but knows how to pray so well at such a young age.

Psalms 8:2 “God ordains strength out of the mouth of babes and suckling.”

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Charlotte Moore

WOW!!! What a Prayer! Very impressive.

Lenore Casswell

What a precious little angel, may she stay close to her Papa God & keep praying to him forever.


Her prayer brought tears to my eyes, what a true angel & inspiration!!

Larry Kitchens

No doubt she is full of the Holy Spirit, therefore, knows the plight of our suffering from the pandemic. May our Papa God bless more like her to carry more prayers to heaven. Can’t find many adults who can pray in such clear form.

Bonnie Johnson

AMEN! What a wonderful prayer! Such a sweetie! God bless you!


Only thing she left out were our devoted fireman who tirelessly everyday as well! But she was wonderfully Amazing!!!
Keep to Papa God and your life will be amazing!!!


And Amen

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