Vocal Quartet Sing Moving Rendition Of ‘Through It All’

It was a pleasure to hear The Living Stones Quartet singing the iconic song ‘Through It All’ cover by Andrae Crouch.

The living stones quartet

Their voices harmonize so beautifully and touch our hearts with their simplicity and dedication.

It is so comforting to know that even in the midst of trials and temptations, God is fully sovereign over everything, and knows what we are going through.

God works for our good and He is fulfilling His purpose in our life. He is daily changing us to be more like His son Jesus Christ.

We count this song as one of our new favorites and would like to listen to it again and again.

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Wayne Hogue

Their voices blend so beautifully, I have never heard the group before, but I will be looking for more of their music.

Moussa Boureima

Awesome !


Touched my heart. Beautiful!

Norma Trout

I have always loved this song! Thank you for singing it.


Love it! So comforting. Beautiful voices

Gary W Searing

I loved this, thank you for sharing the gift God has given you! And using it share Gods word, and his love! God Bless brothers.

Constance D Biele


Constance D Biele

Celestral! So comforting,

Lawrence Grunert

I have enjoyed this group before and as with then I was amased and loved the song and the group. Keep it up to help spread GOD’s word and Love…..Peace

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