3 Teens Driving Past House On Fire, Stop To Rescue 2 Residents Inside

Footage from a doorbell camera captured the moment when three Livonia, Mich.. teenagers who were driving past a house sprang into action after seeing that it was burning; they helped to rescue two residents to safety, according to officials.


The doorbell video was captured courtesy of Jeremy Hanlon, who lives just opposite the house where the fire broke out.

The footage shows thick smoke coming out from a house on a busy street with a few cars passing by. Soon a car stops by, and three teens get off and inspect the house where the smoke is coming out from.

Ethan Morche, Chase Adams, and Colin Anderson are the three ‘hero’ teens who all attend Churchill High School and were driving on Ellen Drive when they saw fire coming out of the house’s garage according to the Livonia mayor’s office.

The young men first went to the front door and then to the back, and went back and forth; checking for open doors to enter the house and check for residents inside the house.

Soon they found a sliding door that was not locked and they entered to help the people inside the house. The young men first called 911 to report the fire and then decided to enter the house after hearing voices from inside the house.

The teens were so well organized because while two of them entered the house through the sliding door to help, one waited outside to meet first responders to tell them that people were inside.

Both the teens can be seen bringing out two people to safety in the video, all of them were taken to be medically evaluated after the incident.

“We couldn’t be more proud of these young men who remained calm, did the right thing, and were directly responsible for saving the lives of two of their neighbors,” said Livonia Fire & Rescue Chief Robert Jennison in a press release.

The press release further stated, “They could have just drove by, but instead they decided to take action and stopped this incident from becoming a tragedy resulting in loss of life.”

The teens were praised for their quick actions to save the lives of the people involved in the fire and for being good and responsible citizens.


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